Textures by John Susek

Hi, thanks for visiting my seamless textures section! Textures are used in a 3D game engine to decorate the walls, floors and ceilings. The key to making most textures is to make them seamless. Seamless means that if your image is repeated over and over, you cannot determine where one image ends and the other starts. Some textures like the flags and interface use alpha transparency to make parts of the texture invisible. These textures are not tiled.

The textures below are a samples of work I did for the LawDogs mod. LawDogs is a modification of Unreal Tournament 2004 set in the Wild West. If you are interested in hiring, or want help with your mod, please .

Important! If you want to use any textures for your mod or project, click here for a directory of uncompressed .tga files. They are more suitable for your project than the .jpgs listed on this page. I have also been asked about licensing on the textures. Consider them free to use for all non-commercial purposes. Please just credit me in your documentation or somewhere on your website.

Name Description Tags
Wood Wall 2
This is made by overlaying two textures in Photoshop. On top is a texture of mine with good horizontal lines suitable for the log cabin look. Below is another texture of mine, this time a good wood grain from a digital photograph. Wood
Log Cabin
Here is a log cabin type texture. Lighter variation of another texture. Wood
Tree Bark
A tree bark texture made 100% from scratch. No digital photograph involved. Suitable for a game with bright contrasts. Wood
Wood Wall 3
Green variation. Wood
Wood Wall 4
Orange Variation. Wood
Wood Wall 5
Plain brown wood style. Wood
Wood Wall 6
Birch colored variation. Wood
Wood Wall 7
Another green variation. Wood
Wood Wall 8
Blue variation. The bottom layer of this texture is an artificial wood grain, not a photo. Wood
Wood Grain
Straightforward wood grain texture. Wood
Wood Wall
An early attempt at a wooden wall texture. Wood
Wood, Blue Floor
Blue floorboards. Wood
Torn Canvas
An experiment with 'aging' fabric. Fabric
Light Canvas
A light canvas texture. Works good on a bag or sack. Fabric
Canvas, Black
A swatch of canvas that has been dyed black. Fabric
Cloth with embedded threads
Tried to get some sign of little threads that make up the fabric. Fabric
Cloth with embedded threads (Light)
A lighter variation of the other cloth with embedded threads. Fabric
Cotton cloth. Fabric
Digital photo of grass made tileable. The picture of the grass was not taken by me. Original credit: Jeremy A. Engleman art.net/~jeremy Ground
Red Mud
An attempt to make a dirt texture look wet. Mildy successful. Ground
Sandy Ground
A straightforward sand texture. I could see this in an RTS desert level. :) Ground
Mulch Ground
A wood mulch path. Ground
Pebbles. Ground
Brown Carpet (Light)
Brown carpeting for a building. Lighter variation. Floor
Brown Carpet
Brown carpeting for a building. Floor
Wood, Blue Floor 2
Smaller and slightly different version. Wood,Floor
Wood Boards
Brown wooden floorboards. Wood,Floor
Woven Carpet
Texture for a tightly woven carpet. Fabric,Floor
Woven Carpet [Monotone]
This woven carpet's hue varies less. Fabric,Floor
Rock face
An early texture of mine. Tiles decent but you can see the macro-structure when it is tiled. Rock
Rock Face 2
Another rock face texture with the same caveats as the first one. Rock
Sand Medium
A variation of a sand texture. This one is low contrast and a tad brighter than the dark version. Rock
White Brick
Simple digital photograph to texture conversion to practice seamless tiling skills. Rock
Brown Brick
One of my favorite, and most recent, textures. Awesome detail and it tiles decent. Rock
Darker Sand
This sand texture is darker then the other sand :) Ground,Rock
Concrete ground.
One of my early textures. Based on a photo by Jeremy A. Engleman art.net/~jeremy. I made it tile and adjusted contrast. Ground,Rock
Outlaw Banner
Cloth texture made from scratch in PS with heavily modified steer's skull photo overlayed. Sign
Western Wallpaper
This is a texture of wallpaper for the interior of a house. Pattern,Seamless
Wallpaper, Blue
Blue wallpaper texture for building interior. Base version. Pattern,Seamless
Wallpaper, Red
A red wallpaper pattern for a hotel/casino/brothel. Pattern
Wallpaper, Dark Red
A dark red wallpaper, actually taken from a digital photo of a rug. Base version. Pattern
Diamond Pattern
A diamond pattern for wallpaper inside a house. Pattern,Seamless
Dark Hatch
This is a dark hatch pattern; one of my first textures. Wood,Pattern,Seamless
Medium Hatch
This rounds out the set of hatch textures. Wood,Pattern,Seamless
Wallpaper, Blue (Variation)
A variation of the blue wallpaper texture with some blood and worn out edges. Wood,Pattern,Seamless
Wallpaper, Dark Red (Variation)
My dark red wallpaper texture with torn edges and a blood splat. Wood,Pattern,Seamless
Shutters Blue Left
Shutters/Blinds from digital photograph. Blue version. Decorations
Shutters Green Right
Example shutters/blinds texture from digital photograph. Green variation. Decorations
Shutters Red Left
The red version of the shutters. Left side. Decorations
Shutters White Right
White/grey shutters, modified digital photograph. Right Side. Decorations
Flag, Marshal
Texture for Lawdogs CTF flag. Obviously the Marshal's flag. It's seen better days... Sign,Decorations
Flag, Outlaw
The outlaw flag texture for Lawdogs CTF. The bit at the bottom is the texture to be wrapped around the pole. Sign,Decorations
Lawdogs Interface In-game
Ingame screenshot of the HUD I created for Lawdogs. Notice the location is different than on the actual interface image. The programmer defines blocks on the screen where the elements are drawn. Graphics work often depends on a programmer to implement. Screenshot
Lawdogs Interface
Interface file I created for the Lawdogs mod. Ammo boxes taken from real vintage ammo photos, same with bullets. Other
Lawdogs Icon
This is the icon I created for the Lawdogs MSU Contest Phase two entry. Other
Lawdogs Installer Image A
Image for the UT2MOD installer program. This is what the user sees while installing the mod. Other
Lawdogs Installer Image B
Image for the UT2MOD installer program. This is what the user sees while installing the mod. Other
Wood Shingle Roof
This tiles horizontally only. Based on a photo by Jeremy A. Engleman art.net/~jeremy. Wood,Other